President and CEO (NMLS #458041)


In 1998, Scott McElmurry and and a small team of mortgage professionals founded Bank of Little Rock Mortgage. Scott felt strongly that customers in central Arkansas were looking for something that other mortgage lenders didn’t offer — a truly customized experience focused totally on providing loans that were the right fit for the individual and their situation in life. His team also felt strongly that this level of care and expertise — when coupled with a friendly, down-to-earth setting — could make the mortgage experience much less stressful for the customer. Nearly 20 years later, their vision for a new type of mortgage experience continues to thrive, with multiple locations across Arkansas as well as offices in Missouri and Alabama, and probably a lot more places in the future.

Part of the reason for Bank of Little Rock Mortgage’s appeal is driven by Scott’s passion for customer service. He views his position at the bank as not merely a job, but a commitment. He is determined to do what is in the best interest of each and every individual who walks through the door and his vision is shared among the entire team.

Growing up in a military family ,Scott got to travel the world, including stops in Japan and Hawaii, among a long list of places. This travel as a child, as well as mission trips abroad as an adult, have given him a unique perspective and a true appreciation for different people and cultures. He uses this unique experience in his dealings with his team and his clients every single day.

Despite all of his far flung journeys, Scott is now a full fledged Arkansan. After graduating from the University of Arkansas in the 90’s, Scott settled in Little Rock and it’s what he calls home. A home he happily shares with his wife and two teenage children.

In his free time, which there doesn’t seem to be nearly enough of, you can find Scott doing things like waiting in the morning carpool line, supporting his busy kids at high school sporting events, and volunteering in the community and with his church.

Every day for nearly 20 years, Scott and his team have the privilege of helping individuals realize a dream. Sometimes that means enabling a customer buy their first home. Sometimes that means assisting a client with a refinance that stabilizes their financial life. No matter the situation, Scott feels humbled and grateful that so many people continue to put their trust in him and his team. A trust he rewards by working tirelessly to ensure their decision was the right one.


P: 501-219-9100

F: 501-224-8597