My Real Job.

The loan origination business is building relationships, making friends and people trusting you, a lot like being a teacher. Helping people who didn’t think they could purchase a home really means a lot to me. For the people who easily have the means to buy a home, it’s about making it an easy and a fun process. The people you do a little extra for really appreciate it and they’re the ones that send you more business.

Also, being a locally based company is a big deal with consumers, and it’s an even bigger deal with my referral partners because they’ve dealt with the internet companies trying to get someone approved. Every time you call that place, you get a different person and a different answer. Sometimes you don’t get an answer. That doesn’t happen with me.

Everyone around here understands the name of Rock Mortgage or Bank of Little Rock because we maintain a local presence. That means a ton. Realtors cannot stand companies that are not local because they don’t understand the market. Here in Northwest Arkansas, the growth is amazing, and you’ve got to be fast-moving to keep up with it. As a local company, we’ve demonstrated that we really understand that.

My Real Life.

My wife Tami and I have four children including three adult children, our three boys, and a 16-year-old daughter. We also have two grandchildren.

In my spare time my favorite things are golf, which I do whenever I get the chance, and I love college sports.

We also like to travel. Probably my favorite vacation ever was to Turks and Caicos, which are beautiful islands. The US Virgin Islands are nice, too, and we’ve hit tons of places in the Caribbean. As you can probably tell, I just want to be on the beach. That’s my thing.

My Real Story.

When I got into this business, I went about six months with very little training and education during which time I thought, what am I doing here? I really had to learn how to do it myself. My family has always been very strong in the military, so one day I thought I’m going to see what I can do to help our veterans purchase homes.

I went to the local VA services office and met with the director and all the staff there and built a relationship and a bond to help them. They started sending me people that came into the office, many who already had a loan going with someone else. A lot of times these folks would tell me, ‘Hey, we’re a week away from closing and we’re having issues.’

I would help them on how to get that thing done and how to make the process easier or tell them when someone was telling them the truth or not. Sometimes I would get the people as clients, sometimes I wouldn’t. But I was always there to help. Today, I’m still the local government office’s go-to person for veterans who need help. It’s been a great relationship for both of us.


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