My Real Job.

My job is to help people achieve their long and short range financial goals while carefully considering their payment, equity and objectives while maximizing their tax advantages. Working with approximately 5,000 customers successfully over the past 34 years helped me achieve the honor as a Top 50 FHA/VA/USDA Loan Officer in the nation. I can’t imagine doing this job anywhere else. I truly believe that Bank of Little Rock Mortgage is staffed by the best group of people — in the mortgage business or any business, for that matter.

My Real Life.

My life is busy but it’s pretty easy to sum up — family, faith and friends. Those three things drive every decision I make. I consider my customers to be part of that extended family, as well. I love seeing updates on how their lives are changing and knowing that I was a part of it all.

My Real Story.

As a vet, I love taking care of other veterans. I recently received a call from a great Realtor in town who asked if I could help her Veteran customer. He applied for a VA loan with his current lender after selling his house and putting another one under contract because it was “easy” (not really). “After all, they had all his information” (again, not really, it was four years old) and promised him they had a “great” relationship with VA and could close his loan in less than 30 days. Well, 42 days later they called the day before closing and said they could not close and would need to extend the contract because it would take them another 17 days to close! He applied with me that day and I closed him seven days later with less closing costs and .375% lower interest rate. He was elated and so was I.

Put my 34+ years of experience to work for you!


As a Real Estate agent I sent my clients to Kent because I knew that they would be managed in a professional yet personal manner. As a veteran, Kent has always been sensitive to veterans’ needs and treated them with the respect, service and attention they deserve. So when it came time for us to purchase another home, I went to Kent for our VA loan and I am so glad I did. I was especially pleased at how responsive Kent and his team are, even when you know the business, you have lots of questions and concerns! Our loan was closed with no hassles, on time and with a great rate. Thanks, Kent!

Jan and Alan O’Rear

Kent and his staff were by far the best and easiest people to work with. I am a Veteran and used my VA home loan. With Kent also being a vet, he knew what I had to do to get my house as quickly as possible. If you are near or far away, he will get you your dream home. He will be my lender from now on.

SSGT Brad Gyhra, U.S. Army

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