My Real Job.

Although there are several different stops along the “assembly line” of loan approval, everyone works together for one common goal — approving a loan for the customer. It’s a team effort at Bank of Little Rock Mortgage. The traits that I’m most proud of are honesty, respect, and communication. These are things that I strive for every day, as does everyone at the bank. This leads to successful closings and happy customers.

My Real Life.

Family is very important to me. The only problem is that family time is rare with high school and college kids. But when the opportunity is there, we take advantage of it and make sure those times we can all be in the same room are meaningful. Some my other interests are movies, biking, family dinners and just watching sports.

My Real Story.

I helped some customers rebuild their credit, and it took 13 months before they could become homeowners. They were so happy they gave me a big bottle of Grey Goose as a token of their appreciation. It was a very elaborate bottle so I placed it on a shelf in my office. Then for a period of time I kept getting liquor from customers as appreciation gifts! I had quite a collection before I took it down. Full disclosure: None of it was ever opened. (At least, not at work.)

Put my 20+ years of experience to work for you!


As a realtor, it is wonderful to work with a lender such as Jeff Widmeyer with Bank of Little Rock Mortgage. He is professional, courteous and shows he truly cares about his customers and his business associates. I highly recommend both Jeff and Bank of Little Rock Mortgage.

Russ Tidlund, Sunshine Realtors

Working with Jeff Widmeyer of Bank of Little Rock Mortgage is always a pleasure. We recommend him to all our clients because they get a no-nonsense approach to financing their new home, they get the best financial deal possible, and we feel confident the deal will close on schedule.

Rhonda Burks Murney, Associates Realtor

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