Ready to Refi?


Mortgage rates continue to be very attractive, which means many homeowners are clamoring to their mortgage lenders to start refinancing. So you may be asking yourself, “should I refinance my mortgage, too?” And you may even ask, “how do I refinance my mortgage?” We have just rolled out another free ebook to answer both of those questions. Our ebook, “Ready to Refi? A Simple Guide to Refinancing Your Home,” covers everything from the basics of refinancing to the application process to the closing. And did we mention it’s under 10 pages long?

Here are some more specific points the ebook covers:

  • What is refinancing?
  • Reasons why you should refinance
  • Risks associated with refinancing
  • When should you refinance?
  • Step-by-step guide through the application process
  • Tips on researching your finances, lenders and options

To download your copy of “Ready to Refi?,” simply complete the form and you’ll receive a link to download a PDF copy.

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Enjoy the ebook,
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