My Real Job

Helping a customer with a mortgage, it’s all customer-based and service-oriented.  We’re here to help clients get what they need in a timely manner.  How I do that specifically is by listening to the customer’s wants and needs and understanding what they’re looking for.

Customer service, to me, comes down to how well you met those expectations for the product they are looking for and what they need and how responsive you were in doing it.  If you take care of people and don’t just treat them like a book of business, they will follow you wherever you go.

My Real Life.

I like sports, whether it’s golf, football, anything like that.  I’m also a big outdoors guy; it’s so green and it’s so nice to live here in Arkansas.  You’ve got rivers, lakes, land. You can go out in the woods.  There’s a reason why they call it The Natural State.

I have a son and I like to maximize my time with him.  For Spring Break, I take him skiing every year to Jackson Hole.  I’ve also taken him back to California where I’m from and take him to the beach and go see his family.  We enjoy that.

My Real Story.

Having been a collegiate athlete, the biggest thing I learned is how to be a team player and understanding that everything you do, you do as a team.  Without the team you cannot succeed.  You’ve got to know your role and do your job, no matter if you’re the top guy, the ninth guy or the tenth guy or the fifth guy.  Everybody has a role play on the team and in order for the team to succeed, everybody’s got to pull together.

I put that knowledge to use in my previous career in the car business and I’m excited to put it to work for me in the mortgage lending business.  The two biggest purchases you’ll make in your life are your house and your vehicle.  I’ve been dealing in one of those for over 18 years which allowed me to build a solid book satisfied clients.

Now with Bank of Little Rock Mortgage, many of those people have reached out or I’ve talked to them and they said they are excited about me moving over to the mortgage side of things.  It all pretty much begins and ends with customer service, and helping customers get what they need.


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