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I’ve been in real estate prior to taking this job and so I’ve seen the process from the other side. I know what makes a good loan officer and, unfortunately, I’ve experienced firsthand what happens when you have a bad loan officer. That has helped me develop into a resource the clients and the Realtors® I work with can depend on.

If there’s one thing I really understand, it’s the importance of reacting quickly and always being there for clients. You cannot have someone call you about something and respond a day later. That’s too big a gap. That’s another thing that gives me a massive leg up in this market, the fact that I do come from a real estate background and I know what I’m dealing with on both sides of the fence.


I’m Tuscaloosa born and raised and I graduated from the University of Alabama. Needless to say, we follow Alabama sports, especially football. When you grow up here, you really can’t help it.

I’ve been married almost five years and my wife Katie and I and have a son, Grayson, who’s a year and a half old. I try to spend as much time with him as I can after work hours.

The only other hobby I really have is playing golf. I’m one of the worst golfers you’ll ever meet, but I very much enjoy playing it. I don’t think there is any more skillful thing you can do on the planet. Normally I can pick stuff up a lot quicker but I’m terrible at it. Other than that, I kind of like to just chill out at the house and relax. That’s me.


My degree is in restaurant/hospitality management and I worked in restaurants for five years before all of my sales jobs. My real background is in customer service and I know how valuable that is to one’s reputation.

First-time homebuyers, they don’t have a chance in this market right now unless they have someone on their side who really knows what they’re doing. They don’t know enough about the industry and how things work.

How I do a loan is so much more important to me to me than how many loans I do. I’d rather do a good job with one person than a mediocre job for five people, and with my background, it’s very easy for me to wrap my head around that.

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