Evelina Donica



My Real Job.

I’m always in touch with my clients. I always give people my cell phone so they can reach me whenever they need to. I always try to put in a little bit of an individual touch to each customer interaction. As a result, a lot of my clients come back to me or refer their family and friends. There are many customers who have become very close friends. I consider them a part of my family.

It’s a plus for me that I know so many languages. Being from eastern Europe, I know my native language, Romanian, but I also speak fluent Russian. My mom is from Ukraine, so I speak Ukrainian, too, and I learned English when I came here. Next on my list to learn is Spanish.

My Real Life.

I like to spend time outdoors with my family, which includes my three-year-old little boy and my husband. We have lots of rivers here, lots of fishing, going on the lake. I’m a very active person and will not miss an opportunity of doing something fun.

My Real Story.

After 6 years in Mortgage industry and over a decade in financial industry I know what it’s like to have goals and dreams and how to work to achieve them. When I sit down with a client who’s just starting out, they sometimes don’t really believe they can get a house. Then, in 30 days or 35 days, they get the keys and move in. I like the joy they get at the closing table, the feeling that, ‘Oh yeah, we did it!’


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