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My Real Job.

Loan officers are quite common, there are lot of us out there. People seek you out because
they need a mortgage, but they choose you because they trust you enough to do business with you. That starts with how you talk to them and how you see yourself in this transaction. You’re a problem-solver as a loan officer, whether you’re helping them with a purchase or a cash-out refinance, whatever you’re doing for them it’s like an algorithm of help. All of that depends on getting to know the person. Anything you buy in life, you do business with people you like. Period. Working with people and their finances, that’s a very private thing. They need to have a trust with you that you’re going to put in the time and do what it takes so there are no surprises and the loan can go smoothly.

My Real Life.

My family is from Spain. I’m first-generation American and I’m fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. My house in Spain is 20 minutes in a car from Portugal and I spent 15 summers there. It’s been in my family for 500 years. I have a huge family; I’m one of 29 cousins and one of 5 kids. Family is number one for me, especially spending time with my child. In fact, I took an 8-year hiatus from the business where I didn’t work because my little girl was born with special needs, so I wanted to stay home and take care of her. That’s just really important to me. My other passion is as a philanthropist for animal rescue. I’ve placed 600 homeless dogs in homes over the last 10 years. I love animals. They ground me.

My Real Story.

I am in competition with myself. I think comparing yourself to other people is a key to depression. I live my life to continuously improve and do the right thing and trust God to put me on a path. Like everybody, I’ve made plans that didn’t work out, so I find I do better when I trust that there’s a process at work and my end is just doing things right in life. If you can better yourself just a little bit every day, you’d be amazed what you can do in 365 days. With self-respect and knowledge, you’ll be okay because those things can never be taken away from you.


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